Ken Yee

Ken Yee

Dear Mr Tye,

Thank you for all the effort you have put into me last year. I am delighted with the A+ I received in my English Exam. This cumulated to a study score of 38 for English. Considering I used to average only a B in Year 11 this has been a vast improvement partly due to your advice and help.

The Analytical and P.O.V writing classes helped a great deal. Most importantly, the feedback on my work and various example essays you gave us were a great guide and from these I was able to improve my essays.

The Wife of Martin Guerre classes also aided my exam preparation. First of all, the example essays given to us again was the perfect guide into how to begin tackling the various possible questions that could arise from the text. The huge list of essay topics you spread into categories was great homework. I ended up doing about 15 of them and the hard work paid off in my final exam.

Furthermore, I adapted the various exam techniques such as time management you gave me to suit my style. It worked a treat as I had significant time to check over my work and left the all important English exam feeling confident that I have done well.

Ken Yee, Balwyn High School, 2005