Student Performance

Student Performance

No matter what our claims are, everything has to be seen in the light of students’ overall progress in school, culminating in their VCE performance.

Overall, the less able have become linguistically strong, and the strong, stronger still.

Over the years, many of our students have achieved perfect scores in English, English Language or EAL as well as ATARS in the high 90’s.

Their impressive results attest to the effectiveness of our teaching method, the quality of our lessons, the stringent marking of homework, and good oversight.

Six students with perfect ATAR have also passed through our door over the years:

Year Name ATAR  English Subject
2018 Haoyang Zhong 99.95 English Language 50
2014 Natalie Yu 99.95 English Language 50
2013 Jessica Min 99.95 English Language 50
2010 Nupur Goyal 99.95 English Language 48.5
2008 Eric Leung 99.95 English 50; English Language 48
2006 Tianhong Wu 99.95 EAL 50

* Grades are in raw scores