Our Students

Our Students

We draw students from varied backgrounds and also from a good cross-section of schools – both private and government.

They are highly motivated and disciplined, which, in turn, fosters an environment conducive to group learning.

This ultimately promotes a cross-fertilization of ideas and a competitive spirit – both key to academic success.

Assessing Students

Students almost always have certain strengths and/or deficiencies in their English.

To help assess a student’s English competency, they are asked to write an essay prior to enrolling.

Following this, an interview is scheduled between our principal and the student and parents to give them a clear picture of their child’s capabilities and so forth.

A module is then recommended to help students get started on their English trek with us.

Why Modules?

It is in recognition of students’ varying abilities that we have introduced modules that are designed to meet their immediate needs quickly and efficiently so as to enable them to surmount their current difficulties or to extend their abilities even further.

This, in turn, helps them to progress quickly. As each module caters to different aspects of their English studies in an intensive manner, students learn thoroughly, as opposed to undergoing, say, a general English course for the different year levels.

Over the years, we have observed that students improve rapidly as a result of this modular approach.

The results are manifest: weak students have become adept at using the language, while the good ones excel.

At the end of each module lasting a term, there is a performance report.

So we make no apologies for being the only tutoring school which we believe have adopted this approach to teaching English.