Our Principal

Our Principal

Our tutor, Kim Tye, has a deep passion for the English language and writing.

His background is variegated, spanning education, journalism, communications, and linguistics.

He holds

  1. an MA in Applied Linguistics (Monash);
  2. a BA (Hons) from the University of London;
  3. a Diploma in TESOL (UK);
  4. a Diploma in Journalism (London);
  5. an MAIE Diploma (British Assn of Industrial Editors, Kent);
  6. a Certificate in Education (Teachers Training College, Singapore);
  7. a Certificate in Public Relations (IPR, London).

His interest in the primacy of language in everyday life also saw him completing Communications courses with the University of Toronto, Canada; and the National Training Laboratory, USA.

Mr Tye has

  1. conducted tutorials for the Professional Writing course at Monash University;
  2. taught trainee teachers at Singapore’s National Institute of Education in Written Communication;
  3. taught writing programs for the Extra-Mural Department, National University of Singapore;
  4. lectured on Journalism Skills in the Mass Communication course conducted by Oklahoma City University;
  5. taught English at the Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute; and
  6. taught English to Year 7-12 students in Victoria for the past 23 years.
  7. taught English Language to Year 11 & 12 students since 2007.

As a journalist, he held many senior editorial positions, in addition to being published in various Australian and regional newspapers.

He blogs on current issues and language-related topics.

Kim Khiat TYE’s Blog