Kelvin Yuen

Kelvin Yuen

Dear Mr. Tye,

As a student of Tye & English for over three years, I have been extremely privileged to have attended your tutoring program. From the moment I began the various modules available, I could witness for myself, the slow but steady improvement of my skills. Your advice was unique and critical and by following them to the letter, I managed to achieve a raw score of 47 in English.

It was your dedication and hard work, coupled with the extensive corrections that you made weekly that allowed me to improve so drastically. In addition, with the detailed notes that you provided every lesson, I became increasingly confident of my skills and also more aware of my weaknesses and errors. It was because of this awareness that allowed me to dedicate my time to target this specific area and consequently improve my English.

My thanks extend to the many different tutors within your tutoring service for they too helped and improved the many weaknesses I had. Nevertheless, I can say with great confidence that without the help of all your staff and most essentially your personal advice, I would never have achieved so well in English.

Once again I thank you sincerely for your efforts.

Kelvin Yuen, St. Kevin’s College, 2006