Lynton Brooks

Lynton Brooks

My name is Lynton Brooks and I completed my VCE in 2009 utilising the help and resources provided in Mr Tye’s class to attain a raw score of 43 in English Language. I do not believe I could achieve this feat without Mr Tye’s conscientious teaching, which resulted in a clear increase in my school marks.

Unlike a lot of students in my class, I had not studied units 1 and 2 of English Language prior to studying the subject at Year 12 level. This often caused me to feel disadvantaged compared to my peers who had already been taught the basic foundations of the subject. Because of my mediocre performance at the start of the year, I began to quickly lose interest in English Language and started to neglect it in my studies. It was at this stage I decided I would need tuition if things were to change.

I joined Mr Tye’s classes approximately half way through the school year and was immediately impressed. The office and classroom reflected a professional approach to tuition which I found is often lacking with many other tutors. I also found the lessons relevant to what we were studying in school and many of the resources that Mr Tye handed to the class gave me a distinct advantage in my studies. By the end of the year, my SAC results were able to rival or even surpass those of the ‘top’ students in my class. With the continual help of Mr Tye’s tuition and resources, I was able to attain the highest study score for English Language in my school and attain an ENTER far beyond my personal expectations.

I would strongly advise students studying English Language in future years to consider Mr Tye as a tutor. Beyond his impressive array of credentials, he is a very capable and approachable teacher who is patient, calm and extremely knowledgeable in the subject. He marked class work without complaint and provided detailed feedback on how to improve. He would also provide the class with an extensive amount of resources, articles and handouts from newspapers that showed how we learnt in the classroom related to real-life. This helped to make the subject much more relevant and interesting rather than dry theory as we could see the social and real-life applications of what we were studying. Such example also proved invaluable during the final year examination where evidence such as that provided by Mr Tye is necessary to lend weight to an essay and differentiate oneself from someone who just studied the textbooks.

I would like to thank Mr Tye for his lessons and advice that was pivotal to my successes in the subject. With his tuition, my goals of studying Law at university have become a real possibility, rather than a distant dream. I recommend that anyone seeking to do well in English Language in their VCE considers Mr Tye’s tuition as it has worked wonders for me. Thank you Mr Tye for your help throughout the year and good luck to any future students undertaking Year 12.

Lynton Brooks
Box Hill High, 2009