Brendan Hung

Brendan Hung

Hello Mr Tye,

“My journey at Tye and English started in 2011, when I was in year 5. I came in as an unassuming sub-par student, but little did I know how much I would learn over my time at Tye and English which ended in 2018. It did not take long for the tuition to have a positive impact. By year 6, my English skills had improved dramatically, and they continued to improve at an exponential rate.

As a primary school student, VCE English seemed quite far away; however, as the years flew by, the reality of the matter finally set in. Approaching my final years of high school, the thought of having three hours to write three impeccable essays loomed overhead; however, with Mr Tye’s guidance, along with the many teachers I have had over the years, my feelings of consternation were finally transformed into an eagerness to showcase the knowledge and skills I had amassed over my many years at Tye and English. In the beginning, receiving essays covered in corrections was slightly unnerving, but after realising that it was due to Mr Tye’s dedication and meticulous nature, I finally began to appreciate receiving essays laden with red ink. Thus, with tough critique came considerable improvements.

I had aimed for an ATAR of 97, so I was absolutely ecstatic to log in and see a 99.60 staring back at me, with a 46 in English. Both scores far surpassed my every expectations, and I am greatly indebted to Mr Tye and the teachers I have had at Tye and English for all that they have taught me.

In addition, through Mr Tye’s classes, I saw beyond the subject as a means of getting an ATAR – I was provided with an education that equipped me with life skills that assisted me in university and job applications, as well as interviews.

Thank you so much for both your dedication to teaching English, as well as the many teachers you have handpicked to assist us on our journeys. I also owe a big thank you to Mrs Tye for her encouragement, administration work and for assisting greatly in the setting up of a year 12 English class.”

Kind regards,

Brendan Hung 2018

Brendan with Mr Tye

Impressions of Brendan Hung by Mr Tye:

In his eight continuous years with us, we saw a fine young man in the making – from a little boy to a sturdy and utterly unassuming youth. Politeness and humility are his hallmarks, not to mention his industry. Over the eight years, I could trace the arc of his improvement in English, slowly but surely. Even before the VCE results were out, Brendan turned up with two gifts, one for Kathy and one for me – a bottle of ink and an expensive fountain pen which, of course, say it all: The pen is mightier than the sword, which is indeed our school’s motto. How thoughtful and apt! This is one young man who finally recognizes the primacy of language (English) in all facets of his life. And for us, this represents the acme of our satisfaction in delivering English lessons.

Kim Tye Dec 18