Haoyang Zhong

Haoyang Zhong

Hi Mr Tye,

After a long anxious wait, I finally got that 99.95 and a raw 50 in English Language.

I would like to express my most profound gratitude for your assistance throughout the year. Without your erudition, your stringent marking criteria and those remarkable vocab at hand, I could have never received perfect score in this subject. I have never seen a teacher marking so many essays and ACs from a student waves after waves, never ever compromising the quality of feedbacks.

Before the exam, I was so nervous and restless, but your encouraging remarks bolstered my confidence, emboldened me and gave me the impetus to ace the exam with aplomb.

I am forever grateful for your assistance.

You are the best teacher I’ve ever had, no contest.

With many thanks and gratitude,

Harley Zhong  14/12/2018

Haoyang Zhong with Mr Tye

Impressions of Haoyang Zhong by Mr Tye:

When Haoyang saw me in my office prior to enrolment at the start of the year (2018), he sussed me out as to whether I could deliver the goods as an English Language teacher. I didn’t twig then that he was seeking a 50 for English Language. But his indefatigable commitment to his work in the weeks and months to come left me with not a scintilla of doubt that this young man was going for broke. Well, as they say, the rest is history. With four perfect scores under his belt and Melbourne High’s English Language prize, Haoyang has good reasons to feel justifiably proud that he has excelled himself. Yet, assuredly, he is not: his soft-spoken mien and humility make him a paragon to emulate. Our warmest congratulations to such a fine young man!

Kim Tye