Alice He

Alice He

Dear Mr Tye,

I am very satisfied with my score of 46 for English and in awe of my 99.85 ENTER.

However, these numbers not only reflect hard work on my behalf, but the help of those who have always been there to support me unfalteringly. Therefore, I would like express my most sincere gratitude to you, Mr Tye.

I first came to Tye & English as a Year 8 student whose English was mediocre at best. Under your tutelage, my English burgeoned and such an improvement gave me the confidence to pursue my VCE English studies.

I never regretted my decision to seek your guidance. While Tye & English offers a thorough tuition program, and seeks to improve students’ capabilities through comprehensive and constructive feedback, what I admire and respect most deeply is the attitude with which they teach. Rarely do I come across a teacher who, only for the selfless joy of seeing others succeed, truly gives all their best in helping a student attain their goal. Thank you Mr Tye for generously, and most willingly, investing your time and effort on my learning.

Alice He, St. Michael’s Girls Grammar, 2009