Ian Haryono

Ian Haryono

Dear Mr Tye

Firstly, I would like to give my thanks to Mr. Tye and all teachers for not only providing the fundamentals and motivation to achieve an outstanding ATAR (99.60 with a 47 in English), but helping me to see beyond the notion of academia. I, like many students, used to be extremely fearful of English. Personally, I found it the most difficult subject and just to make things a little (a lot) harder, it was compulsory. Moreover, I still remember the daunting, red-inked essay that Mr Tye had returned me, chock-full of much needed improvements. But rather than being dismayed and discouraged, it provided the harsh reality of my situation; an urgent signal for change. And this is where my journey at Tye & English began.

I had learnt a multitude of ways to improve my writing, but perhaps the most important experience was coming to enjoy English and ultimately overcoming my fears. Thanks to  Mr Tye (as well as the many devoted teachers) and their realistic, personal, and at times humorous approach to learning, I was able to attain a deeper understanding of English, and with it, my enjoyment of the English language. This is perhaps also a message to aspiring students to try to also see beyond what education provides. This is because of what I have come to realise: English is an integral part of our culture whether it may be for persuasion, expressing creativity or even day-to-day conversation. Attending Tye & English helped me understand this, and the many strategies to express myself effectively – skills that are definitely pivotal in life after VCE.

Ian Haryono, Glen Waverley SC, 2014