Ivy Du

Ivy Du

Dear Mr. Tye,

I got 99.70 for my VCE exams, which I consider as an excellent ENTER, including 44 for my ESL. Thanks to you and your Tye & English, for helping me improve my English quickly and efficiently during a short period of time, so that I could have enough confidence in my English when I was dealing with my ESL Exam.

I found that the course on the novel The Wife of Martin Guerre given by you was the most valuable one to me. During this course, I had learned a lot. You did not only help us with our English, you also helped us to construct our own point of view of the novel so that we can deal with whatever essay questions in many ways. And after finishing the course, I can write very good essays for The Wife of Martin Guerre and just like you said to us, when I read a question, five main points and the relevant quotes came out immediately, all of which couldn’t be achieved without your training.

At last, I want to thank you again, Mr Tye, for giving us ESL students opportunities and hopes of achieving our dreams.

Ivy Du, Glen Waverley SC, 2005