Tina Te

Tina Te

Dear Mr Tye,

Waking up early in the morning on the day that VCE results were released, I remember sitting nervously, waiting for my computer to start up. Upon opening the page of my results, my eyes searched frantically for the two numbers that mattered the most: my ATAR and my English study score.  After seeing my score I had to look a second time to make sure that it was really true. Elated, I thought back to all my tuition classes at Tye & English and just knew that I had to thank all the teachers there.

Before attending Tye & English, I was at a loss on how to write properly. Not only did I lack ideas, but I also lacked the vocabulary and the structure to create a strong essay. Yet through perseverance, hard work and the dedication of the teachers I was able to improve in all areas. The high calibre of the teachers meant that I had valuable insight to what assessors were looking for.

If I hadn’t made the choice to take up tuition here then I definitely would not have got as far as I have today. Even just a few years at Tye & English have helped me improve by leaps and bounds. Therefore, to you and every teacher who has taught me, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support and commitment that has helped me to achieve such a milestone.

Tina Te, Glen Waverley SC