Amy Chew

Amy Chew

‘Keep your ears pricked’ is a line I will not easily forget. This was preached to me by none other than Mr Tye himself at the beginning of my year 12 English Language studies in 2014. Clearly, I would learn much more than what was on the English Language VCE study design and it is this for which I am truly grateful.

Much to my delight, I received a 49 for my English Language which contributed significantly to my overall ATAR of 99.7. I have attended Tye & English since Year 9 and can wholeheartedly say that it has made all the difference to my academic performance throughout my last few years of high school. During my time with Tye & English, I not only learnt the basic mechanics of the English Language but was given an insight into its importance and complexity in today’s world.

Mr Tye’s passion and expertise with regard to the English Language is evident in each and every class he takes. Uniquely, he draws upon his own experience and knowledge in the field to teach his students. For me, this made the subject even more relevant and interesting.

It takes much more than knowing how to write a coherent piece of text in order to be successful in English Language. As Mr Tye prophetically advised us at the beginning of Year 12, it would be necessary to take notice of the greatest resource we have – the world around us. In conjunction with his endless resource of examples including newspaper clippings and photocopies, I felt that I was well equipped to tackle the English Language exam at the end of the year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Tye & English and I am sincerely grateful to all the teachers who have guided me through my final years of secondary schooling. I would unreservedly recommend Tye & English to future students and parents.

Amy Chew
MacRobertson Girls Hugh School, 2014