John Fallon

John Fallon

Dear Mr Tye,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the last eight years of English tuition I have received at Tye and English. I am proud and excited to inform you that I received a study score of 41 for English in VCE last year, my highest subject score. Although never a star student in English, I exceed my expectations throughout the whole year and the all important end of year examination. This is greatly due to the skills learnt and enhanced throughout my time as a student at Tye and English.

Since 2003, I have been a student at Tye and English whilst also attending Jells Park Primary School and Caufield Grammar School. Throughout the years, I have undertaken a series of courses that each consolidated and strengthened the English skills I was learning at school. Eight years is a long time ago but I can always remember feeling a sense of worthiness and value when attending classes as it was clear that my English skills were developing and improving.

The great improvement that I was able to experience was greatly assisted by the number of friendly and approachable teachers that I became familiar with over the years. All of whom, including yourself, were always willing to go the extra mile and help me beyond class hours. The affable nature of the teachers at Tye and English allowed me to always seek help when needed whilst knowing that I would receive highly detailed and valuable feedback.

Thank you Mr Tye and all of your colleagues, for helping me to advance my skills in English and achieve results that I did not believe I was capable of. This ultimately allowed me to pursue my desired studies, a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University. Thank you not only for assisting in my academic success over my schooling years, but for providing me with a strong base to further improve my ever so valuable English skills into the future, wherever it may take me.


Kind Regards,

John Fallon

Caulfield Grammar School

6 February, 2011