Wells Cho

Wells Cho

7th May 2012


Dear Mr. Kim Tye,


I thank you, as a former student, who has learnt so much about the linguistics of English under your tutelage. The epiphany of how indispensable a person’s quality and grasp of English only came to light during my Summer in Hong Kong when I was accepted for an internship with Morgan Stanley – a leading multinational financial services corporation.


Being an unassuming undergraduate from Swinburne University of Technology competing against others from America, Canada, and Britain, it reassured me that competency for employment did not completely lie in my VCE ATAR score or which university I will graduate from. Furthermore, it was gratifying being told by an Executive Director that I had been selected from amongst  several candidates as a result of a well-composed curriculum vitae, candid personality, and ultimately a fluid proficiency in English.


English is a universal language and this was evident during board and various committee meetings. Every one spoke and presented in English. This sharing of a common language enabled me to perform a wide variety of tasks at Morgan Stanley. Without reservations, I can testify that without your guidance and teaching experience, my English would be substandard and certainly would have impacted on my opportunity to gain internship with Morgan Stanley.


The standard of English that ‘Tye & English’ taught me over many years enabled me to deliver a distinct first impression on my employer with a succinct resume and presentation technique. From Power Writing, Vocabulary Building & Comprehension, to Essay Writing classes, your dedication, integrity, and professionalism in teaching students the value of English provides the fundamentals for finer literacy and competency which is essential nowadays. It truly becomes a vital skill in a corporate world where the language is practically universally known.


Sincere regards,

Wells Cho