Nupur Goyal

Nupur Goyal

Dear Mr. Tye,

I still remember my first class with you when you read out the scores and comments of high achievers from the year before, listening with awe, not sure if I would be able to follow in their paths. However, as I progressed through the year, my weekly classes with Tye and English greatly helped build up my confidence both in the subject and in myself.

The Tye and English classes really helped me to organise my ideas and express myself more effectively. You, as a teacher, were highly informed and up to date be it regarding the requirements of the English Language course or the trends of language in today’s society. The articles and excerpts that you continually provided us also helped me expand both my knowledge and my resource bank.

I not only found the Tye & English classes helpful in preparing myself for the SACs and the final exam, but also found them enjoyable as the class discussions helped me think outside the scope of the textbook and allowed me to truly appreciate my subject and its significance in our society.

Thank you for all your help.


Nupur Goyal

MacRobertson Girls High School