Continuing Education

Continuing Education

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Executive English

Have you always wanted to write confidently that befits your status in your organisation – and with a touch of class and finesse – but don’t know how? Have you always been groping for the right word to use? Do you always have difficulty marshalling your thoughts and getting your ideas to crystallise? Then this is the course for you.


Practical Grammar (6 lessons)

Knowing your grammar is the first sign of language control. Just as a driver needs to know his/her highway code, so do you need to know your grammar before you can write with clarity. Breeze through the six lessons with lots of practical pointers.


Feature Article Writing

A feature article is a meaty piece of writing that not only informs and/or entertains, but also delves into the whys, hows, and wherefores of an event, experience, and so on. In the hands of an untrained writer, it can be an unwieldy creature to wrestle down. Learn to write features for magazines, newspapers, and journals and get paid for it. It could be that memorable holiday, that inimitable experience, the special knowledge you have on a subject.


Editing Skills

When you are the boss , it behoves you to clean up the writing of your staff.  Learn to edit with panache, turning tortured text into pleasurable prose or amateurish writing into professional copy. If you are in a managerial or supervisory position, editing skills can add a feather to your cap.


Office Correspondence

An organisation has to relate to many publics – customers, suppliers, the authorities. In writing to them, special attention has to be paid to etiquette, language sensitivity, tone, among others. A well-written letter can either clinch or sink a deal.


Freelance Journalism

Many publications (besides newspapers) depend on contributions to maintain their vibrancy and variety. Learn to write news stories, how-to articles, special interest features, profiles, interviews, etc., and get paid for them.


Report Writing

This area can be a bane for many in managerial or supervisory positions. Or it can be a breeze. Whatever it is, you will learn that there is no mystique to writing crisp, yet comprehensive reports.